lauren stallings  //  Creative Director

Lauren Stallings is a long-time Memphis resident whose choreographic work is inspired by her training in classical ballet and modern dance. She enjoys pairing precise and immaculate technique with intricate partner-work, unexpected gestural movements, and dynamic fluctuations between flowing movement and tense, gawky punctuations. Lauren's work has been profoundly shaped by the concepts of "family" and "home" as well as her personal experiences with mourning, loss, and grief.

Lauren Stallings has studied with many schools and performed in repertory with various companies including Ballet Memphis, Kansas City Ballet School, David Dorfman Dance, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and with Emily Wexler of New York City. Her choreographic works "more troublesome things" and "Threnody" were selected to be performed for adjudication at The American College Dance Festival. In 2015, Lauren Stallings' "dream eater" won the overall Audience Choice Award at Exhibition Momentum--a juried visual and performance art exhibition. Lauren has been selected to serve as a rehearsal director for several national choreographers during and after their residencies  in Memphis.  In addition to her work in dance, Lauren is an award-winning visual artist whose work has been shown at The National Civil Rights Museum. She is the Conservatory Coordinator at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN.

Cecilia lona walker  //  DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT

Cecilia Lona Walker recently returned to the Memphis area after a period of multi-coastal living. She appreciates the authenticity of the city and the community's recent artistic and cultural growth. Her choreographic work is centered around personal investigation, relational dynamics, and sharp aesthetics. Psychological theories and the human experience are fundamental themes in each of her pieces.

Cecilia was a competitive dancer for many years before falling in love with modern dance during a span of time spent studying it extensively in Connecticut. She has danced with Co. Dance, Joe Tremaine, Pomfret Dance Company, St. Lawrence University, the University of Memphis, and Vanderbilt University. Cecilia is the Sr. Vice President of Business Development at Walker + Associates, a 50-year-old advertising, public relations, marketing, and digital firm.

Racine + southern DANCE EXCHANGE

Memphis, tn

co-founders // directors

Jana pate  //  director of integration

Jana Pate is a multifaceted artist who has called Memphis home for many years. Her choreographic process is explorative, inquisitive, and introspective for both herself and the dancers she works with. A prevalent theme in her movement studies is the curiosity and self-awareness of human limitations. Jana's work is characterized by moments of tension and release as well as dynamic contrasts of movement qualities. She is inspired by literature, history, and the natural world.

Jana Pate has had the privilege of working with company members from David Parsons Dance, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and Emily Wexler Dance. Her choreography has been shown at the IPHC National Fine Arts Festival in Oklahoma City, the American College Dance Festival, and the University of Memphis' guest artist showcase. Since 2008, Jana has toured nationally with various performing arts organizations that incorporate dance, theatrics, and pageantry.